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Committed, 2016 as Holden Vance III by Chase

Git Chase: Wabi-sabi 侘寂 Asperity as Loo Ping ループ

Latest Bushwick Art Fair Is a Bit of a Circus

chasealias :: as art

Fountain, 2016, R Mutt Brothers Brunnen Performance Art a Tribute to Dada, 1916 - 2016

Fountain, 2016 : : a Tribute to Dada 1916-2016

Immersion Art : : Chasealias Ds Pollack

ループ : : Looping

Living is Performance as B. Holden Vance III

00iami00: Online Birthplace of Alterism

Paul Kasmin Gallery at Art Basel Hong Kong :: Booth 3D35

it is (timely), 2016 Zeitgit Anglers Itbeism series