As you can probably tell, I’ve ‘rebranded’, so to speak. Sasquatch is being reserved for special purposes and is not phased out of my personal/professional usage. In the meantime, I’ve been battling some serious bouts of depression and haven’t felt better in months, even with the advent of precious summer. I’ve been thinking and rethinking, but mostly overthinking. About life, music, art, school, religion, spirituality, work, play, everything. I’ve never felt genuinely happy in the longest time. Not even in the present moment. I see countless friends all over social media doing brilliant things, holding parties, making strides in their creative careers, finding love, travelling the world and even meeting amazing people. Meanwhile, I’m working my behind off at a menial job, paying off school debt, only to be otherwise stuck at home, watching my sister whenever I’m not working! My life feels meaningless, and it’s honestly going nowhere. There’s been no growth, no life and no celebration, where I am. My only choices are to be complacent or change my life completely and get out of my state. But alas, I’m stuck here with nowhere to go. I’m looking for better, but can’t find it in myself to get an answer. Living in the moment is too painful to bear, and I can’t even be content in that.


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