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What type of GPLUS Photographer are you?
A tongue-in-cheek look at our little world. Apologies if any sentiments are hurt, this is not meant to be personal in any way.
Gender choice is to facilitate communication and does not indicate any bias :-)]

The Superstar : The superstar has huge following. He is usually more than just a well-known photographer, he contributes to the popularity of G+ by promoting various brand-building initiatives. Most are shakers and movers. You may not have contributed anything in G+ for months, but may see your follower count double overnight because you were shared by one of them. Like all superstars, they have no time to bother about these little details. The Superstar also behaves like one and can announce that he has chosen you as his 1,000th circle add – all that is left for you to do is to swoon and die!

The Star : The star is the real thing. Extremely talented photographer who knows that he is good. Stars share top quality images with regularity, often respond to comments that go beyond “great shot” and will acknowledge a good post that happens to appear on their screen while they are online. Many also share curated circles that are top class. But their life does not revolve around G+, and they seem to spend most of their time with the camera rather than their computer.

The Hero : The hero is a real pain in a social network. He is often a well-known photographer or thinks he is one. The hero's only act of engagement with the community is to post a series of images whenever he is in the mood, and then promptly move on to other things. Only to reappear a few weeks later and repeat the dose. Heroes often crib about lack of taste and judgment in G+ because they are better than the superstars but have 1/100th the following.

The Icon : The icon is a world-class photographer who joined G+ by accident. The icon really does not know what to do here. He posts some of his images in a desultory manner which is reshared with much oohs! and aahs! by those who know about his talent. But icon hates the lightbox view, is not used to promoting his own work in a social network, and perhaps hates computers and the internet. He blames those who coaxed him to join here and is aloof to the level of imperious indifference. The icon is most unlikely to see anyone else's work, forget commenting on them!

The Specialist : The specialist is a very talented, and often well-known photographer who only does one type of photography which appeals to those who like such work. These are the one's who are most likely to promote specialized circles and are obsessed with only their kind of images. You will never ever see them leave a fingerprint on anything which is at variance with their photographic philosophy. They usually are a part of a small and neurotic circle who are keen to promote their art in isolation. Don't make the mistake of commenting on their work if you are not one of them. It will be treated with the disdain it deserves.

The Talent : The talent is a very good photographer, perhaps, a professional even who deserves more recognition but can't make the breakthrough. Some talents are better at their work than the stars or superstars. Talents enjoy strong following from other talented peers and engage with the community. They are often the best people to follow on G+.

The Power User : The power user is also a very good photographer who expects nothing from G+ but is happy to share and comment on others posts. Power users know that they are good and do not think that the number of followers and Plus 1's on G+ are a measure of the quality of their work. Power users are free to be friendly and pass constructive comments on posts of others. They are the backbone of G+'s photography circles.

The Serial Poster : This is a small tribe of photographers who share everything they shoot. They are often good photographers who will come back at the end of the day and post a dozen images of much the same thing. They are often surprised when the worst image gets most Plus 1's. Not surprising at all because viewers get tired of scrolling through the stream .

The iPhotographer : These are talented and successful photographers who think that the G+ audience is a joke. They are the one's who will post endless iPhone images of their dog, mobile phone or their toe-nails etc. because they feel that anything they post here is good enough. Some of these are top photographers who will once in a while share a link to their gallery elsewhere to remind you about their importance. Many have small and dwindling support, not a surprise at all. There is a separate tribe of iPhone artists, we are not talking about them here.

The Bore : The bore can be great at what he does. Perhaps, even a class photographer! But there is little appetite for how many ways you can look at a sunflower in such a mixed community. The bore never realizes that and keeps flooding your stream with the same subject, day in and day out. Talented bores usually have good following but receive few acknowledgments because there is a limit to how many times you can praise an image of a tea cup!

The Circle and Theme photographer : These are photographers who have figured out that the only way to increase following is to create and share circles and themes. Expect them to run multiple themes where they want every participant to follow them, and expect them to share a few circles every week. Some have even stopped posting images because that is too much work for too little reward.

The Follower Obsessed : They are those who would never post a spider image if that meant a drop in follower numbers! They wake up every morning to check follower status 1st and end the day to record the progress. They will often be following a lot of people and will leave comments on every shared circle that does not include them asking for inclusion in the next share. They are most likely to post images regularly and participate in any activity that can increase follower count.

The Serial Resharer : This is not the tribe that only reshares. These are members who actually shared some of their images once upon a time and may still do so occasionally. But they have now figured that it is easier to reshare other peoples work than post something that they created. Some of them reshare with a vengeance almost – tens of diverse images flooding your stream, many repeats of what you have already seen. Some do it to please the photographer, some do it hoping to be rewarded in some way and a large number do it because they think that we can't figure out what is a good photograph ourselves. Strangely, many of these are high on the list of superstar circles – so it works for some. Superstars are also human!

The Frustrated : He is often a skilled artist. He thinks he is the best but the world (read G+) does not recognize him and his talent. He spends half his time plotting to overthrow the current regime using some of his best images as an incentive to read and participate in his plans. He feels completely frustrated when the image draws glowing comments and his message is ignored and not reshared a hundred times.

The Beauty : The beauty does not need to do much. She can post almost anything and spare a few sweet words and her legions of followers will start swooning all over the place. Even better if she is sporting, and can bait you a bit. And if she is a talented photographer she can easily have G+ at her feet. Some of the stars and superstars of G+ fall in this latter category.

The Themer : This is a theme addict. Give him a theme and he is drawn to it like a bee to honey. He spends half his day planning his theme shots and the other half executing them. Some can participate in all the themes available on that day even if it means that they shoot a toy elephant for Wildlife Wednesday and post it at midnight to qualify for Toy Tuesday!

The 365'dayer: Expect anything form this lot and don't blame them for anything. They are already under too much pressure. They go to bed thinking about the tomorrow's weather and wake up with the pressure to perform - day in and day out! That they also post some great images is a tribute to their skill and perseverance.

The Club Type : They don't really care about anyone outside their coterie of friends. There is much virtual hugging and kissing in the air and you might feel like a complete intruder if you stepped into this ring. Membership is very hard to get in these exclusive bastions, especially if you are male. Some of these have huge followings, mostly by virtual voyeurs!

The PhotoWalker : These are social photographers who don't seem to be able to make images when they are alone. The only time you see anything from them, is after participating in a G+ photowalk. Many are very popular because Photowalks are often conducted by the superstars, and your friendship with them has its own rewards. Bad luck if you stay where there are no G+ celebrities around. You are not worth following because you chose to spend your life away from all the action.

The Crusader : The crusader is cause driven. Give him a post that is cause related and he is all over town. The crusader is not choosy. Any cause, even if he has no clue about what it is about, deserves the share button. The crusader also shares images when he does not have the bit between his teeth!

The Student : The student is a happy camper on G+. He has nothing to lose. His posts will invariably be monotonous for weeks with images of varying quality. He is looking for feedback and is happy if people stop to comment. Many of the students leave valuable comments on your posts.

The Admirer : The admirer follows a guru and tries to do exactly what his guru does. His week is completely made if the guru leaves a comment like 'nice' on his post. You will often find him visiting the same location to take exactly the same shot with similar equipment, but with varying results. The admirer does not care too much about what other lesser beings do on G+.

The Poet : Every image that the poet posts is accompanied by a few lines of poetry. Sometimes the poetry is self-written, sometimes it is from a famous poem. Some are short extracts and some need a whole page view. The poet is usually looking for appreciation of both the lines and the image, and better still on the quality of the interpretation. A smaller subset of poets are those who use quotes in much the same way.

The Verbose : Expect to see 'Expand this post' link when you come across their posts. They just love writing and can fill a whole page with text. Many are stars and superstars, so they must have got this right. But you wonder how many actually spare the time to read so much text in the fast moving world of the G+ stream.

The Sentimentalist : Most of his posts will be about himself or his family. In general the images are not the focus and any quality does. It is the accompanying text that is the sum and substance of the post. The sentimentalist has a healthy following in most cases and comments on his posts are often more interesting than the post itself. The sentimentalist can get carried away with the attention and post only stuff that draws sympathy or affection.

The Addict : The day begins and ends with his presence on G+. He is online 24x7, participates with intensity and is a well-known figure in the network. He has work that he has left unattended, he hardly speaks to his family anymore and has withdrawal symptoms if his G+ stream is blank for any length of time. For him G+ is his family and his life!


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