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On Behalf of Concerned Art Professionals Everywhere,
In response to Supposed "Media Values of Free Press Being Touted by Frere Independent to the Very Artist Who Lost Expense, Sales and in Even had Damages Due to the Miami Pool Art Fair's Abrupt Police Shut Down. (See Attached Correspondance Sent from Frere Independent to the press and their artists)

Acquired Through Mismanagement may be the best way to adequately describe what occurred to the artists and management during Pool Miami Art Fair. While no one has been willing or able to give an adequate explanation of who was at fault for the actual fair closing. And we can all agree that "All Press Is Good Press". The folks at Frere Independent should have at least had the common sense to know the difference between being lucky to still be in business and have people trying to help them and rubbing everyones face in the fact that not only did everyone lose all of there money but hey we hired people to make us look as if we didn't do anything wrong and we used your money to do it. So "No" we can't reimburse you, because PR people are expensive, Ha Ha!

Is this a way of accounting for the money they were supposed to have actually spent on advertising and publicity.

Wow, so when you get free, press for not doing your job you can put an actuarial estimation on it and call it an "estimated value". Then you can use it as proof that your doing that very job which you screwed up and got all the free press and lost everyone all of their money in the first place..

Oh, I'm sorry! It wasn't called an, "estimated value" It had a much more pointed name than that I believe. Oh ya, "MEDIA VALUE". Their well payed PR staff stayed up late thinking of that one, "I'm Sure".

Holden Vance III the ReTweet Critique

www.miamisocialholic.com, November 30, 2011, “Don’t Miss,” Basel, Food Trucks, Jewels, and More! By Maryanne Salvat
No. of Hits: 17,542 Media Value: $1,625.00
www.mutualart.com, November 30, 2011, “News,” Hot Highlights: Miami’s Super Satellite Events 2011 No. of Hits: 70,852 Media Value: $1,830.00
www.soflanights.com, November 30, 2011, PooL Art Fair Opening Reception
No. of Hits: 11,891 Media Value: $1,300.00
www.allevents.in, December 1, 2011, “Events,” Pool Art Fair Miami Beach, Invitation Vernissage + Party
No. of Hits: 47,725 Media Value: $1,672.00
www.artdaily.org, December 1, 2011, “Galleries,” Contemporary Art Fair New York City Return to the Jacob Javits Center
No. of Hits: 21,095 Media Value: $1,225.00
www.miamiherald.com, December 1, 2011, “Art Basel,” Art Basel Miami Beach and Related Events No. of Hits: 3,434,000 Media Value: $1,995.00
www.pbpulse.com, December 1, 2011, “Events,” PooL Art Fair Miami Beach
No. of Hits: 117,216 Media Value: $1,870.00
www.yelp.com, December 1, 2011, “Events,” PooL Art Fair Miami Beach
No. of Hits: 17,358,815 Media Value: $5,015.00
www.beachedmiami.com, December 2, 2011, Pool Art Fair Shut Down by Jordan Melnick
No. of Hits: 2,571 Media Value: $1,025.00
www.miami.cbslocal.com, December 2, 2011, “News,” Illegal Miami Beach Hotel and Art Show Leads to Arrest by Gio Benitez
No. of Hits: 322,063 Media Value: $2,020.00
www.thekleerteam.com, December 2, 2011, “Blog,” Art Basel Miami Beach Weekend Guide No. of Hits: 1,896 Media Value: $1,025.00
www.huffingtonpost.com, December 3, 2011, “Miami,” Pool Art Fair Shut Down as Sadigo Court Hotel and Suites Owner Rod Eisenberg Arrested
No. of Hits: 26,198,227 Media Value: $6,045.00
www.miamiherald.com, December 3, 2011, “Miami-Dade,” South Beach Art Fair Shut Down After Illegal Operations by Monique O. Madan
No. of Hits: 1,391,542 Media Value: $1,950.00
www.nbcmiami.com, December 3, 2011, “News,” Officials Shut Down Independent Art Fair by Donna Rapado and Lisa Orkin Emmanuel
No. of Hits: 807,983 Media Value: $4,000.00
www.wsvn.com, December 3, 2011, “Local News,” Hotel Shut Down Before Art Show
No. of Hits: 181,394 Media Value: $5,025.00
Agency drafted and disseminated press release for PooL Art Fair Miami Beach
Agency drafted and disseminated a media alert regarding PooL Art Fair Miami Beach’s cancelation
Agency pitched PooL Art Fair Miami Beach to all international, national, regional, art and lifestyle media for inclusion in Art Basel Miami Beach features, roundups and event listings.
Agency distributed invitations to all media announcing PooL Art Fair to secure media presence. The following media confirmed attendance prior to the event’s cancellation:
• Art-Collecting.com
• Bashische Zeitung
• BlackBook
• Complot Magazine
• Creative Loafing
• Daily Candy Miami
• Dex Magazine
• E! Online
• Examiner .com
• FashionIndie.com
• Haute Living
• Huffington Post
• Knight Arts
• Metro Velvet
• Miami Art Blog
• Miami ArtZine
• Miami Living
• MTV Latin America
• NBC Miami
• PRCouture.com
• Societe Perrier
• SoFlaNights
• Soul of Miami
• The Daily
• The Huffington Post
• The Miami Herald
• Univision
Agency pitched PooL Art Fair Miami Beach’s cancellation to all local media
Agency representative was on-site to coordinate and facilitate media interviews with Thierry Alet following PooL Art Fair’s cancelation. Agency secured interviews with the following media outlets:

Agency executed guest outreach campaign including the following:
• Promotion of event to VIPs via drop offs at the following hotels:
o Canyon Ranch o Dream
o Eden Roc
o Fontainebleau o Gansevoort
o Hotel Breakwater o Loews
o Mondrian
o National Hotel
o Setai
o Shelbourne
o Shore Club Miami o The Betsy
o The Raleigh
o Tides South Beach o W South Beach
• Agency e-blasted event invitation to its database of more than 3,000 recipients. Blasts included the following:
o Discover the next emerging artist at PooL Art Fair Miami Beach – Fri, Dec 2 at 5:30 PM (sent on Nov. 23, 2011)
o Discover the art scene’s up-and-comers at the PooL Art Fair Vernissage – Friday, Dec . 2 at 5:30PM (sent on Nov. 28, 2011)
o Discover the art scene’s up-and-comers at the PooL Art Fair Vernissage – Friday, Dec . 2 at 5:30PM (sent Dec. 1, 2011)
Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you.


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