'On The Highway' Music Video By Pennan Brae-Directed By Spool

Via Flickr:
Directed by Spool, 'On The Highway' (bit.ly/qPONTg) is Pennan Brae's lead single from his 3rd release, 'Early Rise'. The video was shot in LA & Las Vegas in the Summer of 2011. The piece features talented Los Angeles actors Caitlin Bray, Liesel Kopp, Jose Rosete & Keaton Shyler. A very special thanks to Diana Vance.

Spool: spool.co
Caitlin Bray: imdb.com/name/nm4210711
Liesel Kopp: lieselkopp.com
Jose Rosete: dynamicfilm.com/jose_rosete.html
Keaton Shyler: imdb.com/name/nm2755982

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