Virus, 2004 from liuba as Chosen for Chase Alias' Show :)(: New Media Conceptual Artists' Series

Chase Alias' Show :)(: Chase Alias

Virus, 2004 from liuba... on Vimeo.
Virus is investigating over the 'buying bulimia', that affects the daily-life models and the art world as well.
Liuba went to Bologna Artefiera's opening dressed with red points. Then she took off them from her dress and put over all the art works exhibited at the fair, creating astonishment, collapse, confusion and funny shock over visitors, gallerists, artists. An ironical reflection over value of works and value of selling.

"In the series called Virus, the artist is a sort of living sculpture. Dressed in a black outfit with red dots, the notorious sold stickers, the artist went to art fairs and placed them under several works under the noses of upset gallerists and stunned visitors. The sold dot is a universal sign that makes the difference. You judge a work in another way if it has been sold. Red dots mean money, power, and often fame. The same performance in Bologna (Italy) and in New York had extremely different results. Liuba's main interest in doing this provocative performance is the social aspect of the reactions, a sort of anthropological point of view.
The audience's reaction, in fact, provides a direct and immediate take on a country, a people, and
its issues. At the SOFA, Liuba generated such an angry reaction that she was forced by the Show Management to leave the fair.
In Italy the gallerists at the fair were really annoyed by her, but it was clear to everybody that she was playing with the art system and this provided a degree of entertainment at the same time. Liuba's works are based on the direct comparison between the artist and the audience, the live performance and the recorded video, the rules and the illegal.
(Irina Zucca Alessandrelli)


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