Emptyland - 02 - The Big Emptiness

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Emptyland - 02 - The Big Emptiness
The day before the Big Emptiness - as I like to call it... yes, I know, again, not really original, but you get the feeling, don't you? At least, I do, which is the most important now - so, the day before it all happened, was my birthday. Yay!
I had this huge party, all evening and night long. Lots and lots of friends.
All that.
And now, I feel like I'm standing in this station, where thousands of people used to run around every day, to catch a train, a metro, or to get back to the surface. Back to open sky. Back to the “overground” life.
Actually, I don't just feel like it, as you must have guessed.
I am standing in the middle of those tunnels, all by myself.
And when I focus really hard... like that... see? ... well, when I do that, my mind finds a way to imagine the echoes of the noise all the people used to make, while passing here. Footsteps mostly. Voices. Laughs. Some cries. The singing homeless guy. The automatic doors. Clicks and claps, and lalalas.
But it's just my mind, trying to cover the Big Emptiness. The one inside me.

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