Chase Alias', Empty Vessel: A Portrait of Charles, Selected Works for Exhibit at the Contemporary Art Fair NYC 2011

Chase Alias', Empty Vessel:  A Portrait of Charles by Chase Alias :)(:
This is a case where blog becomes Art.  On this very moment in the ever-changing time-stream that Chase Alias calls his Blogstream Art.  On this date when all of the images, videos, sounds and ramblings combine with the soundtrack and visuals of  Chase Alias' Conceptual Video Artwork, Incomparable to Nature Itself to create a whole new work of art.

We call this a Blogstream Artwork and Chase Alias Labels his Occasionally when all of the perfect artists created or composed elements symbiotically create a single Conceptual Work of Art.  This one is Labeled Empty Vessel  :  A Portrait of Charles, 2011 by Chase Alias  

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