The Blind to My Mind ~ by me

Via Flickr:
The Blind to My Mind ~ by me

Dare you open up the blind
Cause you're curious to know
What is happening in my mind?
Brace yourself and take it slow.
You may startle at what you find –
Guaranteed your mind to blow!

Ballerina dancing dolls,
Fairies flying all around,
What is that? Yep, Frankenstein,
Screaming ghosts, vampires abound,
Marie Antoinette in a very tall wig,
Shrek and Fiona dancing the jig,
Will Smith rapping
And Fred Astaire tapping!
You feel your mind snapping?
At all that is happening?

So if you insist
On watching the show
I’d open the blind,
But take it slow.

*I do know I'm supposed to use an adverb - but it didn't rhyme - lol! How brave I am to show my present rl look? Wow! Probably cause I'm sick. I got a rotten head cold at work. That's even with the two boxes of tissue and 2 huge bottles of hand sanitizer I have out! And I'm not so sure the poem is all that - but I wrote it in 5 minutes! But at least we got 5 inches of rain. I was so excited - I did what I knew I would do - run out and dance in it! Yay!

I'm enjoying the show you have prepared for me, here on Flickr. Thank you so much for the entertainment. I'm taking my own advice and taking it slowly, too, and enjoying it all the more.*

Have a wonderful week, my friends!


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