Chase Alias' Show Presents :)(: Xia Firehorn

Chase Alias' Show Presents :)(: Xia Firehorn


Little Elf by Vero Modero

Raw shot
Well I was peeking round the Modavia fashion event, and suddenly the amazing Bouqet Babi of Vero Modero, said HI Xia, nice to see you here, It was very nice to hear from her but sadly i was lagging and couldnt cam or go over to meet her, as I seriously thought I was crashing, However I did manage to say Hello and that i was so far enjoying it, and Then I suddenly received a folder called little elf, wowwwwww, well when i finally managed to make it over to the stand with the Vero Modero outfits, I saw the dress and then it was another wow, I bought another outfit from Vero modero also, and I have to say, they are beautifully made, with super textures, and fit so well,
I took myself off to the UWA Artspace because little elf as an outfit, is a work of art, and in all honesty, I could have been part of the artwork in this dress,
so seriously get to Modavia Fashion event and most of all get to
Vero Modero, for some serious styles to suit everyones taste;
Thankyou Bouquet of Vero Modera;
hugzz xia.


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