All Love is Self Love, 2011

Holden's Reexamination of RealitydoppelgängerChase Alias'   :)(:  A Sense of HappinessCubby's Smile:  Basehouse, a Meditation/Playplace for Cubby, 2005Cubby's UncomfortableChase Alias'  :)(:  A Deeper Meaning
"What we Found on Craigslist", Series #2, 2011, Contort, Basehouse: A Meditation/ Playplace for Cubby 2005 - 2010, Cubby photographed by David S PollackChase Alias'  :)(:  A Game That Should Have Never Begun?Being Holden :)(: Altruistic or Demonic?Empty VesselChase Alias' The Crush 2  :)(:  From the Series, "Reality or Redux?", 2011Chase Alias' Getting Chase  :)(:  From the Series "A Portrait of Charles", 2011
Chase Alias' Day Off  :)(:  "Searching for My Very Own Wagstaff, 2011"Chase Alias' Resolution :)(: From the Series, "Searching for my Very Own Wagstaff, August, 2011"Conceptual Realtors' A Kind of InterpretationChase Alias'  :)(:  Bugchaser, Repetition is Unavoidable

All Love is Self Love, 2011, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Chase Alias will be speaking and exhibiting at the Contemporary Art Fair NYC, 2011. These are his final choices for the exhibition.

All love is self-love. All interpretation is self-interpretation. The value of "interpretation" is that through it, one might expose reality, or explain oneself. –Ai WeiWei

By turning the camera on himself, and selecting the photographic Genre of self-portraiture, David Pollack aka Chase Alias is attempting to create a canon of works consisting of probing, surprising, and thoughtful images. Although, the majority of his photographs are pictures of himself, however, these photographs are most definitely not self-portraits. Rather, Pollack combines Method Acting and Conceptual Photography reinterpreting two art forms to create a brand new art, which he calls Immersion Art.


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