The Path, 365 of Self-Portrait

Chase Alias'  :)(:  Reading Patti Smith, HDR:  From the Series, "A Portrait of Charles", 2011Carilynn OHare, in the DarkDangerousTravelling without moving
Autumn swingsAsia Photo StudioKalyabreeaa Capelo~ China BeautyMiamai @ Hair Fair 2011Deshilvanado tu historia...
Family Portrait in TangkeObjects in Mirror are Closer than they AppearMILKTaymaz ValleyAT EASERuymán Sosa
Autoportrait 2 - HIT ME !SOIREE EN MER !!!............Lucy and myself .Empty VesselChase Alias' The Crush 2  :)(:  From the Series, "Reality or Redux?", 2011

The Path, 365 of Self-Portrait, a group on Flickr.


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