Chase Alias' Getting Chase :)(: From the Series "Reality or Redux?", 2011

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"Getting Chase" is the new Biographical Pictorial about Conceptualist and Method Artist David S. Pollack by Chase Alias, Holden Vance III, Cubby and David S. Pollack. Coming soon to wherever book are sold.

“The Medium is Not the Message. The Idea Becomes the Machine.”
From the series, Reality or Redux?
For the Auto-Biographical Pictory, Getting Chase

No one has been able to quite figure out Chase Alias and his visionary take on Conceptual New Media Visual Art, but many have tried. So in the following few I will attempt to sum up a man who, according to his own words, lives every day like Lil’ Wayne said, “Life aint’ no rehearsal, the camera’s always on.” Such Right brained thinking, mixed with Chase Alias’ natural-born limited depth perception has created a marvelous cocktail. It’s a very smooth drinkable Popular Method Actor with an esoteric hint of Ultra Contemporary Conceptual Artist. This sort of pop sensation blend is primed to take our blog centric media crazy culture by storm and Chase Alias is at the forefront of a new generation of young artist’ totally rethinking what art and even what existence is.

Yes, Chase’s work is odd. Totally fresh and unique some might say. But what more can you hope for great art. Great Conceptual Artists “Are” simply better than “regular” artists or conceptualists for that matter at figuring out everyday problems. If something unexpected goes wrong they simply fix it or modify it.

One example of where Chase is able to create unique concepts out of when he is simply able to modify ideas to suit their coexistence with his affective memory and sense memory triggers which have been created from Method Art Characterizations is in the sub-title of Chase Alias’ primary blog Chase Alias’ Show:
“The Medium is Not the Message. The Idea Becomes the Machine.” -Chase Alias

By Combining the concepts of two ingrained and very well accepted ideas in the Art and Conceptual worlds; Marshall MacLuhan’s, “The Medium is the Message.” And Sol LeWit’s, “The Idea Becomes the Machine.”, Chase Alias has created a brand new concept. One that is in fact more relevant and usable for todays blog savvy Conceptualst.

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