Chase Alias’ The Crush v1.0 :)(: From the Series, Reality or Redux? :)(: Chase Alias' Auto-Biographical Pictory

Chase Alias’ The Crush v1.0  :)(:  
From the Series,  Reality or Redux?
For the Upcoming Pictorial Auto-Biography, Getting Chase

It’s hot and Humid, about 92 degrees at 7am.  The sun is not yet well in the sky but you can’t quite tell this morning because of the lingering overcast.  The slate grey of the morning atmosphere seems to be the perfect backdrop providing a nice color contrast for the neon blue liner of the bean shaped pool in which Chase Alias is currently Standing in.

Oscar is standing face to face starring into Chase Alias’ deep brown eyes watching transfixed as the light dances off the water as it twinkles from these beautiful bedroom eyes.  Feeling like a deer caught in headlights now but only for a moment.  The captured sensation melts away with the slight movement of the water lapping up against his lower back.  The cool tingling sensation is a welcome little wake-up call in this moment of weakness.

Oscar’s eyes twitch, the muscles in his forearms flex and his lips quiver just a little bit as he composes what he wishes to say to the man standing so close to him.  But as he looks at Chase once again he just finds himself speechless.  Once again  the cool water become his unlikely yet welcome protagonist as he is awoken from this trans by a splashing of waves pushing themselves through the stomach hair of both Oscar and Chase which is now almost touching.  The tingling and almost ticklish sensation is actually quite divine but does the job to bring Oscar back from his hypnotic state.

He licks his lips slightly.  Gently squinting his eyes and looking at Chase’s slender yet muscular and moderately hairy body up and down then up again.  This time he is able to compose his word and he easily and confidently says, “I have such a crush on you.  I don’t know why?”  Oscar slowly, nervously smiles waiting for some kind of a response. He quickly notices a gentleness in Chase’s eyes and a slight tilt in his head like a puppy might do.  Chase’s eyes slowly lift to meet Oscars Very Intent Glaring stare.  He very calmly, very cooly and with great ease state,  “Well, at least your wise enough to admit what you don’t know.  Most people spend all their time showing off everything they think thy know. Perhaps that means you know much more than you realize.”

Chase Alias  :)(:
From the Series, Reality or Redux?
For the Upcoming Auto-Biographical Pictory, Getting Chase

Chase Alias' The Crush :)(: From the Series, "Searching for my Very Own Wagstaff, August, 2011"

July 2011
Medium:HDR Video Still
Original Dimensions:34" x 37.6", 320dpi, 32Bits/Channel
Copyright:CC Pollack Images @ Studio ChaseMe

By turning the camera on himself, and selecting the photographic Genre of self-portraiture, David Pollack is attempting to create a canon of works consisting of probing, surprising, and thoughtful images. Although, the majority of his photographs are pictures of him, however, these photographs are most definitely not self-portraits. Rather, Pollack uses himself as a vehicle for commentary on a variety of issues of the modern world. Pollack employs acting, in particular method acting, to create characters and lifestyles in which these characters choose to exist. He employs concepts of method acting to create characters, such as Chase Alias. He lives his life completely immersed in these characters lifestyles for years before building his installations ands then finally photographing himself as these characters.


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