Chase Alias' Show :)(: Conceptualists' Series :)(: KEKE FT. DUKE

This is what happens when concept art meets thirsty brilliant young right brained artistic minds. An awe inspiring visually stunning work of conceptual new media art. All u have to understand us that this is the sort of minimal conceptual artwork. (Sol Lewitt would be so proud. But its also a mash-up,with McLuhan style the new media conceptualism of today's blog-blasted world. This is a brave and risky, almost contradictory combination. But these bright young rising stars do it flawlessly ands stunningly. Reminding us all it takes is a good concept in the beginning and the idea becomes the machine. So here is example 1 of how "The Medium is Not the Message. The Idea Becomes the Machine." 

Chase Alias. :)(: Chase Alias' Show
ReTweet Critique for "In"Music Video

GOOD MUSIC..... If you want to get on it hit me up.


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