What are These Birds, and Why are They So Angry?

What are These Birds, and Why are They So Angry?

Why does a video game become popular? What do you need to have in the game to make people want to play it? I think you need simple controls, great graphic, a creative backstory and cute sounds. Angry Birds is a game that has all of this. The backstory is creative yet simple. The story is that a bunch of hungry pigs stole the eggs from the birds. The Angry Birds are forced to set off on an adventure to rescue their eggs in order to ensure their survival. The control is simple because in each level you need to fling the birds from a fixed slingshot.

The sound effects are fantastic the pigs oink and sniffle seeming to goad the Angry Birds and when they are hit by a bird or falling debris from their elaborate constructs they squeal then explode with a little pop. And of course as they explode the 5000 points that you’ve just earned rises from the smoke of the explosion. The bird noises are equally cute and seem to make the game super addictive. The birds squawk and tweet constantly ant as you fling them from the slingshot they seem to yell something that sounds like a raspy crackeeeeers.

The graphics on the version I play, Google Chrome Beta Edition, are stunning and very reminiscent of the old Nintendo Super Mario Brothers games many of us used to play as kids. This is what I believe has made this game an instant classic, the fact that it’s so easy to visually relate to the graphics. It brings you back to your childhood. The other great thing is that in many versions the game is free and even in IOS its very cheep. The only pitfalls with the game are some technical glitches with the Beta versions, which I’m sure, will be worked out. Also there is no music playing during the game on some versions.

All said and done Angry Birds has become a part of the cultural lexicon. This fact can be seen by the way the game is being used by Google to advertise it’s new Nexus phone. So I guess the idea the creators had by making the game free or cheep paid off in the end with the major Google advertising contract. I only hope that one day I can create my own Angry Birds.

David Pollack aka Chase Alias, ReTweet Critique

Review of the video game “Angry Birds”


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