“Love the Future!”: Netizens Show Suppor

Sina Weibo (microblog) editors have been busy deleting posts relating to Ai Weiwei since yesterday. (See our roundup of Ai Weiwei coverage here.) One user reported that she reposted a message about Ai Weiwei over 200 times and it was deleted each time.

However, some netizens have come up with a phrase, “Love the Future,” (爱未来 Ai Weilai) which looks and sounds very similar to Ai Weiwei’s name (艾未未). Many netizens have immediately adopted this new coded phrase to post on Sina Weibo as a form of protest; many of those “love the future” messages have also been quickly deleted.

CDT took screenshots of some of these “Love the Future” messages as examples. The majority of participants simply write, “I love the future!” Many include a photo of Ai Weiwei. Selected translations of other messages are below:


  1. I created a poster in support of Ai Weiwei: http://bit.ly/mAo0ao


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