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Immersion Art : : Chasealias Ds Pollack

Immersion Art, 2016
Unique Video Screenshot
as Zeitgit Anglers for
Control Allusion Performance Art
Dec 2015 - June 2016
Chasealias Ds Pollack

David S Pollack, known by many names but most frequently Chase Alias[5] and Cubby. Pollack sees his work as Immersion Art. The catalyst for his unique blend of gonzo journalism, method acting and new media art occurred out of personal tragedy. "Basehouse: a Meditation Play-place for Cubby" 2005–2010,[6][7] was a response to his mothers untimely death. It is a unique social commentary on the world of illegal drugs and how societies propaganda and rhetoric is the true antagonist. "Who I M",[8] series is an undercover examination of gay online hookups and introduces a unique method for presenting Immersion Journalism. Pollack uses actual instant message conversations and overlays them onto the images used in the conversations. He sees his works as a "Mimesis" or mi…

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