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Friday, July 31, 2015

chasealias :: institute

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Chase Alias :: Re-examining Reality to Repurpose Identity as Art by DS Pollack



a Re-examination of Reality for the Creative(s) Use of Identity

Chase Alias, a Performance Artist, spends extended periods of time studying his characters. Often living in their homes and wearing their clothing. It has become a ritualistic part of his method acting technique. The Performance Art Itself comes in any form, whether it is one on one, online chat, live and/or recorded video or audio. Pollack adds to genres of Performance Art and Net Art the dimensions of the "social network" and the possibility that humans can be anyone they choose to be.

This topic of using multiple identities and alters has become a vital point in the cloud computing security lexicon. Causing many to question Pollack's motives, often calling his work 'identity-fraud' and a 'violation of corporate policy'. Yet, as it stands, the ability for an Artist to create a character, "IS" freedom of speech and if a 'Corporate Policies' are in truth violating people's first amendment rights. then this work has served a very valid purpose. The protection of Freedom of Expression, Speech and the Net Art.

DS Pollack


B. Holden Vance III
Bryan "Cubby" Brent
Nataraja(Shiva Dancing)*
Tony Marini
Paul Stuart
Caccia Altrimenti
Retweet Critique

* +20 (28 alters as of 27 July 2558)

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Ruism and Rascality an Interpretation of Humanity as B. Holden Vance III


You see
I remind you
Of what you
Think you


You Resist
You can think
How you grew.

B. Holden Vance III

DS Pollack

#art, #alterart, #alterism, #confusianism, #rascality, #bholden, #dspollack, #spirituality, #dspollack, #netart, #thisisart, #chasealias, #autonomictour

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Net Prix and Defining Net Art by DS Pollack


An interesting thread has been popping up on my email these days. I guess there is a sort of ongoing conversation about the defining of Net Art. It's based around the application process for Net Prix. Which last year attempted to ask for that very deffinition. I have been carefully listening for my opportunity to chime in.

The moderation is wonder. Particularly in the interpretation of the need for Net Art to have greater resemblance to Art in general. As in having a need to take into a account the viewers response, reaction and interaction. Agreed. This is where I define Net Art, Alter Art(alter-ism), Conceptual Art and Particularly Dada Style Performance Art which when executed online as Net Art can hope to fulfill these issues.

DS Pollack


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Friday, July 17, 2015

New #overiPhone #art on Tumlr


Autonomic Tour: Questioning the Reality of Identity : Alter Art (alter-ism) Becomes a Mise en Scene for Chase Alias

Autonomic Tour: Questioning the Reality of Identity : Alter Art (a...

Friday, July 17, 2015

Questioning the Reality of Identity : Alter Art (alter-ism) Becomes a Mise en Scene for Chase Alias

MHDR Still-life utilizing Hitchcockian P.O.V. to explore Self and Question Personal Identity through Artistic Perspective.

Chase Alias' Immersionism and Alter Art(alter-ism) questions the reality of identity. Particularly when considering that a being’s own existence is as a "Vessel" carrying the Art's Ideas driven by Immersion Journalist and New Media Artist D S Pollack.

Cyber and actual space/time have so many barriers. Yet the ability to create one's own existence "as" Art is imperative. Especially if humanity wishes to ensure the stability of culture and ensure freedom of speech. 

Je suis Charlie!
I am Chasealias.
What's your Chasealias?
Who do you want to be today?

DS Pollack as Chase Alias

Fairfield County, CT, USA

June, 2558

Beta TeSTer

Bear Brent in Test PReP Beta TeST
June 2558, Norwalk, CT, USA
Part of Autonomic Tour
DS Pollack

#alterart, #alter-ism, #Immersionism, #performanceart, #gonzo, #chasealias, #DSPollack, #autonomictour, #Art, #Comceptualart, #dada, #futurism,
#newmedia, #animation, #mhdr


Chase Alias' Show :)(: Conceptual Art Photography and Ideas

Monday, July 13, 2015


As you can probably tell, I’ve ‘rebranded’, so to speak. Sasquatch is being reserved for special purposes and is not phased out of my personal/professional usage. In the meantime, I’ve been battling some serious bouts of depression and haven’t felt better in months, even with the advent of precious summer. I’ve been thinking and rethinking, but mostly overthinking. About life, music, art, school, religion, spirituality, work, play, everything. I’ve never felt genuinely happy in the longest time. Not even in the present moment. I see countless friends all over social media doing brilliant things, holding parties, making strides in their creative careers, finding love, travelling the world and even meeting amazing people. Meanwhile, I’m working my behind off at a menial job, paying off school debt, only to be otherwise stuck at home, watching my sister whenever I’m not working! My life feels meaningless, and it’s honestly going nowhere. There’s been no growth, no life and no celebration, where I am. My only choices are to be complacent or change my life completely and get out of my state. But alas, I’m stuck here with nowhere to go. I’m looking for better, but can’t find it in myself to get an answer. Living in the moment is too painful to bear, and I can’t even be content in that.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

a Letter to Paddy Johnson (Artist) @ArtFcity by DS Pollack (Alter Arttist) @chasealias

.chasealias.institute. : : .living.is.performance.existing.as.art.

Blog Art, Blogger Artist a Letter to Paddy Johnson by DS Pollack

If a Blog
is the Art
the Blogger
the Artist

Just like Seth Siegelaub was to Conceptual Art and Artists. And how we now realize his exhibition and influence make him one of the greatest conceptual artists of his time. Perhaps the Art bloggers and their blogs are in fact creating the most pertinent art of our time.

That's exactly the way I create my work and Art. I also believe that you, Paddy Johnson are, or at least have the ability to be, the Seth Siegelaub of our time. Take that as you will. However, to me Art is in everything we create. The digital critic holds immense power. Those bold enough to state, that what they create, "is Art" are the "now".

There is, and will forever be, a contradiction in any contemporary art movement. Particularly when it comes to New Media, Conceptual and Performance Art. Just realize, that mere existence of contrasting perspectives is exactly how we can tell where Art lives.


Paddy Johnson (Artist)

chasealias institute, 10 July 2558 BE

A View of the Gardens at chasealias institute, 10 July 2558, Wilton, CT, USA



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