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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Alterism :: a New Movement, circa 2002



Alterism :: a New Movement, circa 2002

Compelled to join this forum by the interesting post and responses to Alterism. I was pleased to see so many researching this Art Form.

Alterism or Alter Art is a Fairly new Term being used in Philosophy and Culture as an Emergence Theory. Alterism has gained incredible momentum as a Fine Art Movement Since It's Inception in 2002. http://basehouse.00iami00.com by B.Cubby Brent and Alter of Chasealias DS Pollack. The Artists Use Alters or Avatars Online and in Real Life Performance Art to Question the Reality of Identity. The band Alter Ego uses similar concepts in their musical cannon. Exemplified with their album Alter Art and their album Art which has many Alterism references.

Poetry, Blogging, Self Portraits, Gonzo and Immersion Journalism play a vital role in this Rapidly Growing Net Performance Art.
Since this is a Conceptual Art at its basis anything can be the Art. As a Performance Art the ultimate goal is Existentialism as Art. A Deep Understanding of Living as Art and the oneness of all Humanity.

Oddly the lack of product leads me to on openness. The Idea that a creation of a Mise en Scene with my Conceptual Cannon will be my Art.

That is my"Alterism"

Alter Art

Chasealias DS Pollack

Wilton, CT USA

Monday, August 31, 2015

chasealias' the david verse goliath : : extortion.number.9 : a letter to the goliath's


I am a Performance Artist and Alter Artist working primarily online and in Social Media using Online Avatars to question the reality of Identity.  ie. "What's in a Name?"  Performance Art is Considered the Highest and Rarest form of Conceptual Fine Art.  My works are among the first to incorporate the internet as Public Domain to Create Cyber Performance and Public Sculptures.  The works are not dissimilar to that of Banksy.  However, instead of my work being on the side of buildings, it's on IP, and DNS.  Now corporations have two choices.  Maintain and promote my works, becoming heroes and benefactors of the next great movement in the Art world, or destroy my Net Art.  Setting the stage for a David V Goliath Scenario and allowing for my works to be promoted and glorified elsewhere, which I assure you they will.

Thank you,
DS Pollack

Monday, July 27, 2015

Chase Alias :: Re-examining Reality to Repurpose Identity as Art by DS Pollack



a Re-examination of Reality for the Creative(s) Use of Identity

Chase Alias, a Performance Artist, spends extended periods of time studying his characters. Often living in their homes and wearing their clothing. It has become a ritualistic part of his method acting technique. The Performance Art Itself comes in any form, whether it is one on one, online chat, live and/or recorded video or audio. Pollack adds to genres of Performance Art and Net Art the dimensions of the "social network" and the possibility that humans can be anyone they choose to be.

This topic of using multiple identities and alters has become a vital point in the cloud computing security lexicon. Causing many to question Pollack's motives, often calling his work 'identity-fraud' and a 'violation of corporate policy'. Yet, as it stands, the ability for an Artist to create a character, "IS" freedom of speech and if a 'Corporate Policies' are in truth violating people's first amendment rights. then this work has served a very valid purpose. The protection of Freedom of Expression, Speech and the Net Art.

DS Pollack


B. Holden Vance III
Bryan "Cubby" Brent
Nataraja(Shiva Dancing)*
Tony Marini
Paul Stuart
Caccia Altrimenti
Retweet Critique

* +20 (28 alters as of 27 July 2558)

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Ruism and Rascality an Interpretation of Humanity as B. Holden Vance III


You see
I remind you
Of what you
Think you


You Resist
You can think
How you grew.

B. Holden Vance III

DS Pollack

#art, #alterart, #alterism, #confusianism, #rascality, #bholden, #dspollack, #spirituality, #dspollack, #netart, #thisisart, #chasealias, #autonomictour

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Net Prix and Defining Net Art by DS Pollack


An interesting thread has been popping up on my email these days. I guess there is a sort of ongoing conversation about the defining of Net Art. It's based around the application process for Net Prix. Which last year attempted to ask for that very deffinition. I have been carefully listening for my opportunity to chime in.

The moderation is wonder. Particularly in the interpretation of the need for Net Art to have greater resemblance to Art in general. As in having a need to take into a account the viewers response, reaction and interaction. Agreed. This is where I define Net Art, Alter Art(alter-ism), Conceptual Art and Particularly Dada Style Performance Art which when executed online as Net Art can hope to fulfill these issues.

DS Pollack


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